You need someone who gets what it’s like to want more….

More time, more balance, more courage, more joy, more… LIFE.

My clients are driven and compassionate women who are looking to own their story, find their power, and use their strengths to create an intentional, balanced life that they love to live. They know that creating an amazing life is possible and are eager to live their best, most vibrant life.

Does this resonate with you? If so, keep reading...


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  • you've been living by other people's expectations and are ready to find your voice
  • you know you were meant to chase your dreams and want to fully step into your power

  • you look confident to everybody else, but secretly struggle to keep it all together

  • you want to feel genuinely happy and at peace with your life (even joyful!)

  • you are sick and tired of negative thoughts that keep you playing small

  • you want thriving relationships with healthy boundaries

  • you know living to thrive will help you serve others on a higher level 

  • you desire to connect with your inner wisdom, develop discernment, and get connected spiritually

  • you are sick and tired of your own song-and-dance and know you are the only one keeping you from your dream life

Life is meant to be a party and I so very much want to help you plan your's!


You don’t need some 5-step cookie cutter approach that promises to turn you into someone else.
Because duh…. you and I both know that you’re no cookie! *wink*

Your coach Meg 1:1 coaching

My coaching philosophy is not “a one size fits all” approach—it’s tailored uniquely, just for you. I limit the number of one-on-one clients I work with in order to encourage focused, individual attention that is unique and specific to each client. I provide a confidential, private, time-out to step back and reflect on what’s working in your life, what’s not, and why. I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness, and a strong desire to show up strong and balanced in every area of their lives, regardless of their challenges. My coaching facilitates transformation toward clarity, confidence, and a renewed, self-aware outlook for your daily journey so that you can live the party of your life.

I offer several coaching packages to women who are ready to make beautiful transformation in their life. Before you "hire me," I would love to chat one-on-one and see if coaching with me is right for you. That's what the Clarity Call is all about.


I offer a free 30 minute clarity call to anyone serious about moving forward in their life and want to work together in a coaching relationship. The clarity call is the first step in this partnership, but it does not commit you from going any further. It is our chance to see if we are a good fit and if coaching with me is the right choice for you! 


  • discover clarity in areas which you would like to grow
  • my insight into what I do and how we can do this together
  • 30 minute access to ask questions, pick my brain about coaching together, test out chemistry, and see if we are a good fit!

Your investment: FREE (this one's on me!) 


Our time together will be professional, yet down to earth and totally centered on you. It is your space to think out loud, process, and create change in your life. I will serve as your sounding board, your cheerleader, team mate, and referee all in one. I will encourage you, stretch you, help you see your blindspots and help you create the changes you are longing for. We will laugh, possibly cry, dig deep, and walk together through every aspect of the process.


I will show up for you. I will walk with you every step of the way. I will see you. I will help you turn your fears into triumph, your doubt into confidence, and your shame into a vibrant, powerful story of strength.


I promise you that investing into yourself is the most valuable investment you will ever make.  

I promise, you're worth it. Give yourself permission. 

I’ve got my glitter…. I’ve got my confetti.  My dancing shoes are ON and I’m ready to hit the ground running...

You see.... 

I might just be the secret weapon you didn't even know you needed. 

Are you ready to live this party OUT LOUD together or what?