The women I work with are seriously phenomenal! They take courageous action, shine bright in who they are, and inspire me like no other. 

If you're curious about what coaching with me might do for you, ask some of the women who know firsthand. These are are few of their beautiful stories....

Lashell H..jpg

“Coach Meg is an amazing Life Coach who has provided me with guidance and accountability in my pursuit of life balance. She has been very supportive and encouraging with my desire for a healthy life spiritually, mentally and physically, and is guiding me toward building the business of my dreams... all while making the journey unforgettable. Thank you, Coach Meg.“

~LaShell H., Executive Assistant



“Every session with Coach Meg made me feel like I was moving forward. She was always loving and full of energy. I was stuck, not living the life I wanted and I craved wisdom and healing in order to move forward. Now I am very happily married and I was able to close my business and become a homemaker. I am living the exact life I was dreaming about. Coach Meg helped me get out of my rut and seek God in a way that changed my life. I highly recommend her!”

~Anna M., Homemaker

“I am so glad to have Coach Meg as my coach. Sometimes you just need a little reassurance, but at the same time, guidance. Coach Meg provides all of that in a loving, but no-nonsense manner. In the short time she has been my coach, I can see many changes is the areas of my life that we are working on. Our conversations are never forced and always just what I needed. She has been instrumental in helping me take my personal and business life further than I thought possible.”

 ~Samele T., owner Sugah B Confections

“It’s difficult to put into words what a blessing Coach Meg has been in my life. I went to her because I was struggling with fear and anxiety and immediately she shared that what I needed to work on was trust. Coach Meg is intentional and lets the Spirit move through everything she does. I can never fully express how defining my time with Coach Meg has been to my spiritual path. I can say that her coaching and her friendship are both a gift!” 

~Shelley L., Teacher

“I was having trouble moving forward with some issues I was having in my marriage, some personal projects, and my weight loss goals. In the time I've worked with Coach Meg I've had so much success! My!  I anticipated that I would change and grow, but I never thought that as a result of this coaching, my husband would also change. My eating habits are great and I lost 12 pounds. I workout 5 days per week and actually look forward to it. I can't say enough how amazing this journey is.  I would recommend Coach Meg to anyone. You will be thankful you took this step.”

~Renelle J., Admissions Advisor

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“I was so stuck and nothing I was doing on my own was helping me move forward. Coach Meg has the enthusiasm of a cheerleader, the wisdom and insight of a therapist, the Biblical background and resources of a pastor, and the compassion and genuine interest of a sister. I loved every minute of working with her, even the hard parts. I can’t praise her highly enough or thank God enough for bringing her skills and bubbly personality into my life. Thank you for everything, Coach Meg!” 

~Dana K., News Wire Editor and Library School Student

“I have had the pleasure of working with Coach Meg two different times in the last few years. The first time, I was so stuck. She led me through a journey to help me heal from old wounds and move forward in my life. The second time, we strategized balancing my life, with my business, family & homeschooling. Meg spoke truth into me and guided me in a kind & gentle manner. I am so thankful for the time I have invested with Coach Meg.” 

~Esther T., Mompreneur