I love helping creative small business owners take their business to a whole new level! 

Currently, at least half of my coaching clients are small business owners and I thrive in helping them cut through the distractions and help hone their vision for their business, taking it to whole new levels of growth and fulfillment. This has prompted me to design business coaching packages just for creatives like you.

Welcome to my VIP Creative Biz Coaching Intensives

This is a coaching and creative mentorship program that will teach you how to follow through on those big ideas swimming around in your head, make things happen, and actually DO those things you say you want to do to take your business or creative project to the next level. (Friend.... It's time.) 

  • Is there a creative project that you can’t get out of your head?

  • Are you not sure about the thing that's going to take you and your business to the next level?

  • Are you ready to get un-stuck and *really* make success happen for your and your creative business?

Dear friend..... I see you. 

There's something inside you that's longing to be born.

Whether it's writing that novel, creating those paintings, following through on that product idea of yours, or taking your business to a higher level, there's something you know you're meant to do - and yet, you just aren't quite making it happen.

Oh, I know.... you've tried all. the. things:

...the classes
...the productivity hacks
...the deep dives into Pinterest trying to find that one article that will make all the difference help you turn this ship around. 

You've fought your way forward only to be left feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and more disconnected than ever. 

You've tried to do the pretend work, filling your time with status updates, searching for the perfect font or overthinking your way through everything, while waiting for the perfect time to finally turn your gaze to the Thing.

You've gathered up all the advice, done all the research, prepared yourself for every possible outcome. 

You've even tried to ignore the calling, the pull for something more and something different, something deeper and more meaningful. You've tried to set it aside, in hopes that you can stay within the confines of your comfort zone just a little bit longer. 

All the while, you've filled your plate, your resume, and your to-do list with things that look really good on paper. With the moves that are fine but don't excite you... don't make you or your business and vision COME TO LIFE.

Ugh. I absolutely hate that for you and I totally 100% get it because I was there, too. I learned the hard way (like you are now) that..... 

That old way isn't working anymore:

You're soooo ready to be lit up.

Alive. Connected. Focused. 

What I have learned is this...

You can probably let go of 75% of that stuff you fill your time with and not only will the world keep spinning but you'll also become more connected and inspired.

There is no formula you need to find. No secret everyone else knows. And, in fact, the path forward is for you to craft your own personal list of best practices. *mind blown*

Making that big idea of yours happen is 100% exactly the thing that will change it all.... and following through on it will leave you feeling even more energized than when you started. 

There is a secret to creative execution- you really can learn to do more by doing less, raise your voice by getting quiet, and pull back in order to propel yourself forward. 

Crazy, I know... but it's so true. Oh. Yes. Let's do this, sweet dreamer! 

I’m offering 4 life-changing VIP Creative Biz Coaching Intensive Packages:

3 months of VIP Creative Biz Coaching
from 525.00
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6 months VIP Creative Biz Coaching
from 500.00
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One Year VIP Creative Biz Coaching
from 475.00
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With EACH package you will receive:

  • One-on-one coaching specific and tailored to you and your creative idea or business.

  • Private and confidential 60 minute phone, Skype, or in-person coaching sessions with unlimited email correspondence in between sessions.

  • Strategies around areas such as boundaries, clearing away distractions, priorities and time management involving evaluations and assessments along with brainstorming for new routines.

  • Setting long as well as short-term goals and setting forth vision for your business or project.

  • A focus on discovering your strengths and challenges, gifts and talents.

  • Identifying a solid vision for your business or creative project.

  • Discovering your passions and how those play out uniquely in your business and how that will help you attract your perfect clients.

  • Other areas of focus can be incorporated to tailor this coaching relationship to your most pressing needs.

  • Access to my supportive private Facebook group: Coach Meg’s Confetti Club.


Let me show you what's possible for your life when you go all in AND you're ready to fully know and walk-out those bold moves you're ready to make:

You will revolutionize the way you approach your creative work, moving beyond what everyone has taught you about growth to go deeper into what you intrinsically know to be true about the world - and let said truths become the foundation of everything you do. In a way that let’s you talk about the things that light you up - and resonate with the people who need your work the most!

You'll shift your focus to what’s actually important instead of messing around online trying to learn the latest tricks about instagram ads, leveraging popups, and tricking people into receiving your emails. Instead, your marketing efforts will be grounded in you talking authentically about your work as a way to invite other people to change their lives.

You'll create from a place of flow. Your creative work will speak to something deeper. Day job or no, you’ll be doing other work that lights you up and keeps you connected to your greater purpose.

You'll get that thing DONE... D-O-N-E! Like done and done. Shipped. Out the door. And you'll be ready to look at what comes next. 

Imagine what it would feel like to FINALLY follow through on those ideas that have been keeping you awake at night. The grit that’s gotten you to where you are now is what is also going to propel your work to the next level... where you wake up in the morning excited to dive in, where you give your ideas the time they need to simmer, and where you have faith in your big crazy ideas.

This program is unlike any other, offering a mix of teaching, support, accountability and empowerment to help get those big ideas of yours... YOU KNOW THE ONES... out of your head and into the world.

I promise you that investing into this targeted coaching is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make for your business.  

You're worth it.

Give yourself permission (...and in most cases, business coaching is tax deductible) *wink

You see.... 

I might just be the secret weapon you didn't even know you needed.