If you’re ready to create change in your life and are looking for a place to start, these sessions are a great way to start making some big shifts in your life as we get some amazing, personalized momentum going and offer you accountability, encouragement and specific strategies to surpass your goals. Each session with me is deep and powerful and many people have had huge transformation happen in just one session.

Thrive in 2019: less bitter more glitter


THE LESS BITTER MORE GLITTER COACHING SESSIONS is a very special coaching package reserved specifically & uniquely for those amazing dreamers who are ready to begin to live their best life in 2019! 

  • 4 one-on-one private & confidential 60 minute phone coaching sessions with unlimited email correspondence in between sessions.

  • Deep dive strategies around boundaries, priorities and time management involving evaluations and assessments along with brainstorming for new routines.

  • Setting long as well as short-term goals and setting forth vision

  • A focus on diving deeper into your strengths and challenges, gifts and talents

  • Further linking your passions to your life purposes (and how to walk it out!)


I would love to talk with you today about how we can work together to help you live the life of your dreams right away! No more wasting time..... no more failed attempts. Let's clear away the clutter, noise and distractions and get down to business. In the eight years I have been a certified life coach, I have never had a client regret investing in themselves by working with me... EVER!!! They always exclaim: "I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to hire Coach Meg!" 

Feel like you’ll need more than 4 sessions? It’s okay, we can keep going after that…. AND you’ll be able to keep this amazing price even though my regular 1:1 coaching rates will be increasing in 2019! Woohoo!

Feel like you need a FREE 30 minute clarity call to be sure that this coaching package is right for you before you sign up? Schedule that here!  

(*new clients only/ a savings of $30!!! This package is only available through 12/31/2018)



  • Not ready to commit to a full coaching relationship?

  • Do you just need a kick-in-the-pants and some direction to get you moving down the right path?

  • Do you have all the pieces but aren't sure how they all fit together?

  • Do you need help clearing away the distractions to give one area all you've got?

  • Are you looking for an outside view of a situation from someone who can see it from a 1000 ft level and help you strategize how to make the most of it?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions.... this VIP Happy Hour 90 min. session is PERFECT for you! 

This intensive 90-minute session is thee fastest way to gain clarity around a specific situation where you are STUCK.

During this time, we will uncover what you truly want, why it is important, identify what’s holding you back, and create strategies to get you on your way! This session also includes one week of follow up support via email and text messages.

Prior to your session, you will complete a questionnaire for me so that we can jump right into coaching, make the most of our time together, and dig deep for a full 90 minutes.

This 90-minute coaching session is designed to be intense and help you flash forward, full speed ahead. If you are ready to get started, click on the button below to register and gain access to my calendar and questionnaire.

VIP Happy Hour
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