Consider *THIS* your personal VIP invite to join me and a few of my favorite dreamers at one of these upcoming events: 


#STLBUJO Monthly Bullet Journaling Meet up!

Hey St Louis! I’m hosting a free monthly bullet journaling meet-up at Wellspring Brewery!

Join our monthly bullet journal meet-up and track the past, order the present and design your future! Bring your bullet journal and favorite supplies to journal in the company of other fabulous local STL bujo enthusiasts. 

We will also have a swap table set up, so bring any supplies you have for "tradsies." 

Whether you have been bullet journaling for years or are interested in starting, this event is for you... and it's FREE! 

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! Help us spread the word about this fun new meet up! #STLBUJO

Click the following dates for more info:

Saturday, March 30th 2-4p

Thursday, May 2 7-9p

Sunday, June 2nd 2-4p

Sunday, June 30th 2-4p

Paper Planning with Purpose

Saturday, March 30th 1-2p

Wellspent Brewing Company

2917 Olive Street

St. Louis, MO 63103

It's time, friend, to FINALLY start that bullet journal!

Are you aching to have dot grid journaling simplified for you and explained in such a way so that you can finally get started already?

Are you mindful, sweet friend..... or is your mind just... full?

If you answered "YES!" to either of those questions, this workshop was designed just for you!

Known as an analog system in a digital world, dot grid journals, a.k.a, "BuJos", are quickly rising in popularity as a solution to organize our busy minds. Being organized and having everything you need in one place frees your mind and helps you focus on new pursuits. This is a totally customizable system where productivity meets mindfulness and creativity meets accountability. And it literally is the only system that has ever worked for me and many of my coaching clients.

These dot grid journals capture lists, goals, thoughts, and ultimately provide the comfort that nothing is forgotten.

The flexibility of the dot grid makes it a perfect solution for all. From the uber creative to the minimalist, from busy parents to executives, from the artful wanderers and the in-between, the system is personally adaptable and the possibilities are absolutely endless!

STAY for 2 more hours and join us for our monthly FREE #STLBUJO meet-up group!

Learn more about this event here.

Time Management Mastery

for Overwhelmed Creatives

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 7-9p

Wellspent Brewing Company

2917 Olive Street

St. Louis, MO 63103


I see you....

You’re juggling a million projects, people, appointments, deadlines and demands — and every one of them is screaming for your attention.

The good news about having too much to do is that people trust your ability. (YAY YOU!)

The not-so-good news is that it’s stressful — and sometimes absolutely impossible — to stay on top of it all.

...But there are ways of managing even the most demanding schedule without running yourself into the ground or disappointing others — and I'd love to share these winning strategies with you.

I've gathered the easiest and most effective techniques ever devised to help you stay organized and on track all day long. Not only do these strategies work for me in my own life, but they have worked for many of my creative clients as well.

Give me two hours of your evening and give yourself a great gift: the ability to plan and prioritize your days like a champ!

We'll cover it all — how to set priorities, reduce the time required to complete projects, eliminate your personal time-stealers and much more. Together we will discover specific techniques that will increase your productivity and your peace of mind.

Let's do it! Learn more and grab your ticket here.

Mid-Year Vision Board Workshop

Thursday, May 2, 2019 7-9p

Wellspent Brewing Company

2917 Olive Street

St. Louis, MO 63103

Are you stuck with bringing your Personal, Brand or Business Vision to Life? need a vision board! A vision board is a powerful and effective tool for bringing your goals and dreams to life. In this workshop, we will use journaling exercises and creative collaging to guide you. I will teach you how to create a unique board using pictures, images and words to represent your dreams and goals as we prepare to rock out the new year and we will go over next steps to take to bring this vision to life! Each ticket comes with one FREE drink token and all of the supplies you need to make your vision board.

Learn more and grab your ticket here.

May 19, 2019 Pop-up BLOOM St Louis The Women's Creative

BLOOM Spring Pop-up

The Women’s Creative

Sunday, May 19th 11a-4p

Palladium St Louis

1414 Park Pl.

St.Louis, Missouri 63104