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One-On-One Coaching // Your Life, Perfectly Balanced

If you’re ready to create change in your life and are looking for a place to start, these sessions are a great way to start making some big shifts in your life as we get some amazing, personalized momentum going and offer you accountability, encouragement and specific strategies to surpass your goals. Each session with me is deep and powerful and many people have had huge transformation happen in just one session.

This 1:1 Coaching Package is designed to move you out of stuck and frazzled and into a place of peace, rest, joy, and balance. Sounds too good to be true? I have seen it happen over and over again in the past 8 years I have been coaching in the lives of the countless women I have helped. It truly is beautiful to see what can happen as you discover your unique wiring as you customize a routine built around your values and priorities.

Two payment options:

  • $110 per session

  • $398 per 4 session bundle


  • Weekly private and confidential 60 minute phone coaching sessions with unlimited email correspondence in between sessions.

  • Strategies around issues like priorities and time management involving evaluations and assessments along with brainstorming for new routines

  • Setting long as well as short-term goals and setting forth vision

  • A focus on discovering your strengths and challenges, gifts and talents

  • Identifying core values for yourself (and your family, if needed)

  • Discovering your passions and how those play out in your life purposes

  • Other areas of focus can be incorporated to tailor this coaching relationship to your most pressing needs

  • Access to my supportive private Facebook group: Coach Meg’s Confetti Club

This is an intimate client driven and coach supported relationship that has helped so many of my clients....

  • Get clarity around an area in their life they are confused about.

  • Increase their confidence and help them move more boldly towards what they want.

  • Offer accountability to help them move forward faster.

  • Help discern through to clutter about what is truly important for their life and help them prioritize that.

  • Develop a stronger connection to what’s true for them so that they can stop being influenced by others and live more authentically. Become more centered, calm and relaxed so that they are not so triggered by life’s inherent chaos.

EVERYONE needs support in their lives; we are simply not meant to go it alone. I would love to be the one guiding you, gently yet firmly, as you move beyond whatever is holding you back from being who you want to be and creating your very best, balanced life.

I can’t wait to have this time with you, one-on-one, really hearing your heart.

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