Navigating friendships…. especially Best Friendships, as adult women is challenging but also so rewarding. With all of the demands on our time between family, job, hobbies, volunteering, etc…. not only can it be a challenge making time for your best friendships, but also to even know where to begin to start even looking for a best friend.

Can you relate?

So, I grabbed my bestie Amy Kuntz and asked her to have some real talk with us today all about finding and being a best friend. We shared how WE met, we answered some of your biggest questions and we shared some authentic, in-depth conversation with you about these 7 tips to make solid gold best friendships as adults:

How to Find and Be a Best Friend

1. Think about what you need in a best friend & what you want more of in your life.

2. Hang out places where you can find those types of people and talk to them.... 

3. Take initiative and actually invite people to do things with you. 

4. Talk to other safe friends about what you're looking for in a best friend to see if they have someone in mind for you.

5. Put effort into maintaining your best friendship

6. Put other friendships that aren't this "best friend" one in their proper spaces. 

7. Don't make it all about you. Listen and be active in helping them as much as they help you. 

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Sweet friend, I hope this was helpful and I’d love to hear how this helps you this week as you navigate your best friendships. I’d love to hear your heart on this subject in the comments below…


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