For me, confidence is the ability to be yourself in any situation. It’s about authenticity. It’s a deep knowledge and an acceptance of who you are and where you are in life. It’s having faith in the fact that whatever happens, you will be ok.

Please remember that it is your birth-right to feel happy and at peace with yourself in this world. This means that if one person is able to live with confidence then we all are—confidence is not the exclusive right of a privileged few, it’s available to us all if we know how to find it and keep it. Confidence isn’t necessarily a permanent state (we all get knocked down from time to time and we all wobble) BUT it is something you can learn to generate and return to time and again. These hacks will help you grow in this area.

Confidence is like a muscle. It’s something that needs training consistently over a period of time, using these hacks regularly in order to build your self-esteem. Like going to the gym on a consistent basis to keep your body fit, you’ll need to practice these hacks regularly in order to keep your mind in shape and to keep building this new muscle.

5 confidence hacks to stop your negative spiral

1.  Stop comparing.

2.  Focus on the truth.

3.  Be positive.

4.  Do what you love.

5.  Surround yourself with safe people who will lift you up.

I talk more about each of these hacks in the video below.... be sure to take a peek! *wink

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