In this morning's Mondays with Meg live video, Kara Benz from Boho Berry and I shared openly about how you can make self-care a priority, even when it's a challenge. We talked a bit about how we incorporate self care into our own lives and how to change your mindset around self care from it being selfish to giving you what you need so that you can give of your self all day long to every life you touch,

Please take a little time out of your day to watch the video and I want to extend a challenge to you this week.

How will YOU INK IN time for self care before next Monday? 

I know it can be challenging.... I know it can feel uncomfortable.... I know it can be hard to change this habit.

...but I promise that if you just begin THIS WEEK to make this a priority to even just give yourself as little as 15 minutes devoted entirely to filling yourself back up, you will get the momentum started to begin to make this a new habit.

And I want that so much for you (and your loves) because you are soooooo WORTH IT!

Please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video and be encouraged to begin making self-care a regular priority in your life.

Mondays with Meg is a LIVE video series every single Monday morning at 8am CST. Every week we will explore a different topic in a conversational, authentic, way to help you start your week of well and with intention.

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Sweet friend, I'd love for you to leave me a comment here letting me know what you will do to ink in some time for self-care this week. What will you do for this time? What might get in your way? How will you make sure it happens? I want to hear all about it, friend, and help cheer you on to make YOU a priority in this season! 


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