On this episode of Mondays with Meg, we shared all about how to easily cultivate a daily attitude of gratitude. I shared 3 things you can begin doing TODAY to Make Gratitude a Life-Changing Habit:

A Gratitude Journal. Write in a small journal and each day about 5 things you are thankful for.

A Happiness Jar. I first read about this from Elizabeth Gilbert. Write down the happiest thing that had happens each day and date it. Fill up your jar!

Grateful Picture Board. Each day, print out a picture of something you are thankful for and tape it to the board.

I go into so much more detail on the video… i hope that you’re able to take a few minutes out of your day to watch it:

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***Be sure to use the hashtag #yourcoachmeg to share with me all about the ways you will incorporate these attitudes of gratitude into your everyday life!

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Sweet friend, I hope this was helpful and I’d love to hear how this helps you this week as you are intentional about cultivating this attitude of gratitude. I’d love to hear your heart on this subject in the comments below…


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