Mondays With Meg with Be You & Thrive: Defining, aligning and refining our IAM


Taking the time and space to know the ins and outs of who you authentically are at your core, aligning the rest of your life to who that is, and refining and growing your life through this lens is how we all are able to step into our own unique magic and give this world exactly who we were created to be and become.

I was thrilled to have my dear friend Dannielle “D” Alphonse from Be You & Thrive and the ‘The Practice of Living as we Intend’ podcast on Mondays with Meg with me today as my special guest. We have become virtual soul sisters this past year as we have gotten to know each other and I love that she is so passionate about helping women live their very best life.

Today we had a pretty epic conversation about this dynamic process of becoming all that we are intended: defining, aligning and refining our “I Am.”

This umbrella concept over Be You and Thrive is becoming all that we are uniquely intended. In order to continue to move in that direction in our lives, we first must define our unique ‘I Am”.


Having a solid foundation of our strengths, challenges, what we are passionate about, what causes us to be emotional, what makes our hearts jump for joy, what delights us, and who we are at our core is where we need to begin.


What serves and doesn’t serve your “I am” in your current life season? Aligning our decisions and choices to our ‘I Am’ is the next step in this process. Is it a fit? Does this line up with who I am becoming? Or am I leaning into my weakness?


Refining takes time – it’s sifting, shaking loose what doesn’t work, and it’s growing. (and I believe this is a lifetime practice). A huge part of refining is also identifying anything that is blurring our I Am: (habits, weaknesses, self-esteem, relationships, etc.") There are several daily practices you can incorporate into your life to help this refining process… self-care, new connections, letting go of those things that keep you static, etc. We talk about several of these practices in the video.

***Please Watch the video below and join our conversation….

AND... Dannielle created this FREE downloadable worksheet for you to help you work through this dynamic process of defining, aligning & refining your “I AM.” I hope you find it helpful…. click the button below to download it!

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Sweet friend, I hope this was helpful and I’d love to hear how this helps you this week as you navigate becoming your most authentic self. I’d love to hear your heart on this subject in the comments below…


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