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I’m a life coach….. so OF COURSE I love goals and I love a strong finish to anything and everything!
And THIS YEAR is no different!

Have we ever talked about Lisa Jacobs before? 

Well… I stumbled her way back in 2015 through Kara Benz (Boho Berry) as she raved about Lisa’s book Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner.

I bought the book, worked it, and began devouring as much of Lisa’s content as I could, even joining her amazing Luminaries Club ( but we’ll talk more about that another day…)

Anyway, toward the end of 2016, I began dreaming about the hopes and goals for my business in 2017 and, you guessed it, I’m currently more than half way though Your Best Year 2017: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner and it has been instrumental in helping me to stay focused and crushing my business goals! (thanks, Lisa!)

One thing that Lisa does every year around this time is compile and share her list of 18 goals she would like to accomplish before 2018. You can see her list here.

Today I’m super excited to share MY 18 goals I want to complete before 2018, and I’m challenging YOU to play along. You have until the end of 2017 to complete all 18 goals on your list.

When I sat down to make this list, I first pulled out my copy of YBY 2017 and laid it down side-by-side next to my bullet journal (where I house all of my goals, agenda, to-do lists, journals and rambles. From there, making this list was fairly simple and I’m so excited to cross each item off before the clock strikes midnight on new year’s eve!

In the spirit of life balance, and keeping my values and priorities in mind, I was sure to make an equal number of personal and business goals to round out my year well!


My 18 before 2018:


1. Portland Trip with Vicky

My daughter VIcky's best friend lives in Portland, OR and life-long friends of mine live there, too, so we're both winning! She was having trouble deciding (for over a year) what she wanted as a high school graduation gift, and we all agreed that this was the perfect solution! Have any favorite places there we need to visit? I'm all ears! 

2. California trip with Craig

It has been over two years since Craig and I went out of town together for longer than just one night so we are ridiculously looking forward to this trip! It was pretty stressful planning it at first because we want to do everything and see everyone (we both grew up in So Cal) but in the end, we have decided on two days in Palm Springs and two days in San Diego, where we will round out our trip by seeing one of my music she-ros live, Alison Moyet

3. Focus on food and fitness goals

Yes, I am still eating a plant-based vegan diet... but lately I have been having some stomach issues from eating things that I love but are not good for me like chips and other fried foods. So, I need to reign things in a bit to make my body happier. I also would like to commit to doing cardio and strength training 5 days a week. Can you help hold me accountable, dear friend? My body just performs so much better when I treat it this way! 

4. Just Breathe: sell/ purge/ donate/ organize stuff

Have you read about Just Breathe yet? You can find out about this journey here. I have started purging, cleansing, detoxing and creating space in every area of my life. I'm hoping you will join me, even if just by following along, as I simplify, minimize, and create more margin for my best, intentional life by the end of 2017. Be sure to sign up for regular updates on the journey! 

5. Continue 1 date night a week

This year, Craig and I have been so faithful with having at least one date night per week and it has been so good for our marriage. We plan on continuing this through the end of 2017 and beyond. It has brought us closer together and we're having so much fun in the process! 

6. Clear boundaries around screens/ media

This is something Craig and I both struggle with in the evenings, especially. We can't seem to want to turn off work, so we are exploring what our boundaries need to look like about this and then holding each other accountable to it. What are your personal boundaries around screens? 

7. 5 letters per week

Many of you know that I love to write to my pen pals all over the world... and I have noticed that if I write one letter per day, Monday through Friday, it is much more manageable and fun for me to keep up with. This is a big self-care activity for me and I often also write anonymous love letters that I leave all over my city, I have so much fun spreading kindness like confetti all over town. Wanna be pen pals? You can find my address here!

8. Ink in creative time weekly

In addition to writing, I enjoy sewing and working on my hand lettering. I also like to practice photography and sing. I haven't been spending as much time as I'd like on these hobbies, so I am inking this time into my schedule moving forward as it helps me keep my joy and feel my best. Are we Insta-friends? I like to share emy hobbies over there... espeically in my "stories." You can follow my adventures here. 

9. Mentor locally

I have several people that I mentor all over the country, but no one specifically that I mentor here in Arizona. I am praying for direction with this because this is something that is always very important for me to impact everywhere and anywhere I live in an intimate, a one-one-one mentoring relationship.



10. You Tube Channel

Do you know I have one? I created it when I released the free Find Your Why & Live to Thrive Guide to house the videos I made for it. I have big dreams though of adding videos regularly to this channel and I'd love your input on what you'd like me to talk about! And hey, why not subscribe NOW while I'm building it so that you'll be in the know as soon as new videos are added! 

11. Add videos to website

Please hold me accountable to this, friend! I have so many ideas for videos I would like to add to my website and I would love to have this complete by the end of 2017! THIS is my next step! 

12. One live video on social media per week

I got away from doing this the past few months as I have been spending most of my time with clients and writing content, but I really miss putting up videos on Facebook and Instagram. Please please please help me get back on track with video! I'm totally sensing a theme here... 

13. Create a business coaching package

You might find it interesting that more than half of my coaching clients at any given time either already have their own small business or are in the process of having me help them launch one. So, I thought it would be super fun to create a coaching program specifically tailored to such clients. What would you like to have included in a program like this? I'd love to hear your thoughts!  

14. Web page re-design

The videos that I mentioned above is included in this, but I have been working the past few months to tweak and improve several pages on my website as my business has evolved. I have given myself a deadline to have this completely finished and live by the end of 2017. 

15. Just Breathe

I talked a little bit about the personal aspect of this Just Breathe journey above, but there is also a business aspect to it, too. First, that I continue to blog about the journey regularly here and second, I plan on possibly making a coaching program out of it in the future. Stay tuned... ;) 

16. Join a local women’s group

Honestly, I'm not sure what I even want or need this to look like, but it will certainly be good for me to get out of my comfort zone and meet other business women locally in my area. 

17. Blog ahead

Some weeks I'm great about this, and other weeks I fall a little behind. I want to be blogging regularly, so I think it will help me keep up with it if I spend the majority of one day a week writing content to stay ahead!

18. Be ready to launch local group in 2018

You might know that I have a dream to have a local, in person Confetti Club. I really want to be ready to bring this to life in 2018. I am so excited about this, but part of me is terrified that no one will come and it will flop as this just doesn't seem to be something people want to make time for in my city. I'm going to keep dreaming and scheming! 

GOAL SETTING LIFE BALANCE QUOTE: 18 before 2018 a goal setting challenge

Friend... Can I be honest with you for a minute?

I’m a little daunted by the ENORMITY of some of these goals… but I’m also super excited! Some of them have been on my list all year so far, but I wasn’t ready for them yet. Others of them are in process and completing this exercise was just the push I needed to keep moving forward to make them happen 100%!

I know that even if I don’t succeed at all of them before the end of the year, I’ll still be finishing out the year strong and going into 2018 with a clear heart, mind and purpose.

Are you doing an 18 Before 2018 list? I’d love to see it! Be sure to share with me in a comment below or tag me on Insta @YourCoachMeg!


**Need more help with goal setting? I wrote this blog post just for you here!

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