When my kids were younger (and still under our roof) we used to have the most amazing conversations around the dinner table talking about our days and the various topics and issues that brought to mind. One night I mentioned the fact that something may seem impossible, but really it will just take a little longer than you might like to accomplish. One of the kids picked up on the topic of impossible and said, “I’ll tell you what’s impossible. Last night I was saying my prayers and I was trying to talk to God without saying ’thank you.’ Now THAT’S impossible!”

Your attitude influences your perspective in any situation or relationship. Your perspective impacts your self-talk, which influences your beliefs. Your self-talk and beliefs are influenced by your intentional or unintentional incorporating of other people’s influences, beliefs, convictions, and insights. Strive to influence your own perspective rather than follow someone else’s. Make sure that your perspective feeds your positive attitude and creates more energy for you. Judgmental perspectives foster negative attitudes that drain your energy. 

Choose to have an attitude of gratitude about all that you possess and experience. Being bitter or ungrateful never served anyone in a positive way.


When you’re feeling like your grateful heart has shriveled a bit, look up, look around, and get into action! It can really help to intentionally do things outside of yourself like serving others and helping those who may look at your life and think that you have it better than they do.

One of my clients experienced a particularly difficult divorce. Unfortunately, even divorced, she continued to experience frustration and difficulty. Although she recognized that she should be feeling grateful to be done with the divorce process, she couldn’t let the frustration and anger with her ex go. She couldn’t let it go, at least, until an eye-opening experience reminded her of how to be grateful for where she was in life and how she got there. A friend asked her to help distribute clothes to a group of women shopping at their community thrift shop. These women needed help finding clothes and outfits for job interviews. My client was so taken aback by the gratitude of these impoverished women and their gracious spirits that she realized she was looking in the wrong direction to feel better. Instead of looking around at her circumstances, she decided to look up and be grateful. She became inspired that night to keep a gratitude journal. Each night for a month, she wrote down three simple things that she was grateful to know, own, notice or experience. It completely changed her outlook, which in turn changed her choices, which completely changed her life.

In what areas of your life could you really go for an attitude of gratitude adjustment? Your relationships? Your job? Your self-talk or even your church? I’d love to hear your heart about this in a comment below and if you keep a gratitude journal, I’d love to hear about how that has impacted your attitude!

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