Having reserves reduces stress. Reserves of what? Reserves of EVERYTHING! My stress is lowered when I know I have reserves of intangibles, like energy, and reserves of tangibles, like gasoline. Whenever the orange fuel light pops on in my dashboard, my eyes flip down to the lower right side of the dash and there it is, that little orange fuel light that says I better stop soon. If you’re like my kids, you’re thinking, “Yeah, so?” They can drive for days with their fuel light on. My tendency is to want to pull over to the first station I see to maintain my reserves. Running out of gas would not be the end of the world, but it would be a big hassle I’d like to avoid…. And it’s relatively easy to avoid: just stop and refuel.

ABSOLUTELY that has some real life application!


Do you need to stop rushing through life, fatigued, yet driven by overwhelming demands? If your body, mind, or soul is screaming for you to STOP and take better care of yourself, do it. Your personal orange light is on. Most of us live each day at a pace that is not sustainable for any long period of time…. But we do it as long as we can. That is when we are quick to react instead of respond to people we love, and we end up typically getting sick since we are exhausted and not fueling our body well.


“I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I want to do!” How many times have you said that? Me… plenty, and typically when I do, its because I have become over-extended and out of balance in what I have said “yes” to.  It is so easy in our society to run short on our reserve of time. We have to be clear about what our priorities are and keep rock solid boundaries in place around them to keep us from feeling frazzled and frantic as we run out of time.


Many of your daily choices are driven by economic motives. Evaluate your financial reserves and examine what you need to do to create better reserves financially. Building financial reserves allows you more freedom, while reducing fear in your choices.


If you are constantly giving and giving and giving from your heart and soul and aren’t balancing it with getting filled back up, it is so easy to fizzle out and not have much to continue to give. Please regularly make time for people who fill up for faith tank as well as being in meditation and in Scripture. I also highly recommend to my givers that they take at least half-day a month to go somewhere secluded to be alone, distraction-free with God to be able to hear and receive freely.

How are your reserves looking right about now? Is there a specific tank that needs some attention and filled back up? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in a comment below!

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