Gosh, friend.... I have had a LOT of life change in the past 2 years. 

In August  2015, I moved to a new city (St Louis) and I was both excited and terrified at the idea of what my life was going to look like. I was 39 and my whole life was being transformed with this move:

I was going from…

·       a household of 7 to a household of 3.

·       working two jobs giving me a combined 40 hour work week to working only 20 hours.

·       working out of my home most of the time to working from home 100% of the time.

·       20+ hours a week volunteering to zero.

·       hubby traveling almost every week for work to almost no travel (WIN!!)

·       hubby working from home when he was home to having an hour commute everyday.

·       living in the suburbs to city-living

·       having all of my kids in one place to being in 3 states.

·       having a lot of extended family near-by to none.

·       having no time for hobbies to having all the time in the world with no focus.

·       everyone knowing me and my family to not knowing anyone.

Then, in October of 2016, I moved once again... 1500 miles away to Arizona. We were in a rental for a few months and finally got settled into our new home at the end of December 2016.

AND have now gone from…

·       a household of 3 to a household of 4 (one son joined us).

·      working only 20 hours per week to working 40+ hours completely focused on my coaching.

·      working from home 50% of the time to now working from home 100%.

·      city-living to back to living in suburbia.

That’s a lot of change all at once (twice in two years)… and while part of me was super excited at this change of season, the other part of me was frozen stiff, afraid to make the wrong move or go in the wrong direction. Maybe you can relate? Sometimes when the possibilities are endless, it’s really hard to know where to begin.

So, I began to dream again… something I had stopped doing years ago in the chaos of my oh-my-goodness-I-have-five-kids-and-have-completely-lost-myself life, and it all led me to extreme focus as I am completely OVER putting my life on hold and waiting to live my dreams OUT LOUD.

I’m a life coach and, darn it, I needed some GOALS!!! 

It was time to coach the coach.

As I began 2017, I knew that I needed a brand new set of goals to match my new season in my new home, so I went back-to-basics and began by just brain-storming about all the things I had been thinking of doing, or starting, or being, or creating, or visiting, or living… and I am super excited to share THIS list with you today. 

MY 41 GOALS BEFORE I'M 42 (OCTOBER 13, 2017)

(Updates are noted in BOLD) 

1.    Get to a size 8 (from a size 12) (Still a 12 but getting more fit!)

2.    Maintain 15,000 steps per day (I get there some days, but I'm hoping to make it there consistently by MAY)

3.     Launch (WHAT!?!?! Here we are!)

4.    Work out 6x/ week (I’m at 4x/ week now)

5.   Read one book per month (I'm on book 4 and it's April!)

6.    1 sewing project/ month 

7.    All green cleaning products (50% there!)

8.    All natural cosmetic products (I have switched to all vegan products)

9.    No more plastic in my kitchen (I'm about 50% there) 

10. Plant a container garden (HELP!! How do I do this in AZ?)

11. Go to or host a neighborhood block party (Went this past weekend!)

12. Start a monthly community event 

13. Publish 3 coaching e-courses

14. Really learn how to use my camera

15. Start writing that book (What should I write about?) 

16.  Start a FB group (DONE... Confetti Club

17. Actually dress for summer for real

18. Complete 1 house goal/ month (need to work this into budget: FPU)

19. Put in a pool (We signed the contract this past weekend!)

20. Learn Adobe Illustrator 

21. Talk to each of my kids 1x/ week 

22. Maintain 10 pen pal relationships (Click here to be my pen pal!)

23.  Go to one live music event per month (3 or 3 so far this year!)

24. Explore Arizona (As often as we can!)

25. Hire a dog trainer for Luna and Solis (DONE! They are doing GREAT with their training!)

26.  Find a new church home (DONE!)

27. Post videos regularly (I just started this one!)

28. Print my pictures (…and even hang some up!)

29. Mentor locally (Need to get more intentional about who specifically as I make friends)

30. Ride my bike or walk consistently

31.  Join a small group at church (DONE!)

32. Learn to braid hair (Mine and Vicky’s)

33. Watch classic movies (Suggestions of what I should watch?)

34.  Continue to eat a low carb, plant based vegan diet

35. Be more open about my struggles

36. Learn more about essential oils

37.  Really decorate my house like I'm going to live here forever even if I'm not

38.  One date night per week

39. Volunteer in the community

40. Call my friends/ have Skype and FaceTime dates regularly

41. Build legacy: Love boldly! (always!!)

***House Goals List:  I’m not ready to talk about that yet… UGH! I need to get moving on this!)

So… why am I sharing this? Well, for several reasons. First off, I need some accountability and I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into my silly little world over here…. I plan on keeping you updated and even taking you with me as I continue to work on this list. I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve and get crossed off AND how YOU might even impact it!

But mostly…..

I really want to encourage you to dream again and know that it is ALWAYS the perfect time to stop, dream and make some great goals! I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and in a rut doing the same thing all the time all-the-while completely forgetting what it even is that you WANT to do.

It’s okay, just don’t stay stuck there. Today is a new day for you to start dreaming and thinking about what direction you want to go in. Even if it’s just. one. thing. That’s ONE AMAZING THING that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel alive and new and great and rosy! It’s worth it, I promise.

So, let’s chat! I desperately want to hear your thoughts on ALL OF THE THINGS! Am I nuts? Is it a good list? Anything on there you are aiming for as well? Want more info on how I did/ am doing on any of the items? Anything you and I can check off together? Need help making your list? Any suggestions? I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT in a comment below… I have my coffee ready… let’s discuss!


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