One of the ways to make a final decision to move forward or to make a choice about something is to ask the question, “Which choice will lead to the least amount of regret?”

To give you an example, on days when I have planned to exercise but I have crazy work demands in front of me, I get tempted to forge through the work and skip my workout. I stop and spend a minute or so on some reflection and I recognize that the benefits of my workout on my mind, energy, and stress level will help me get more done. Choosing 30-40 minutes of exercise gifts me with more clarity, stamina and peace of mind, even if it does take time away from my work goals. RARELY has my commitment to workout verses getting more work done resulted in regret.

Can you relate?

Regret can occur at the end of a day, at the end of a relationship, or after a diagnosis of a lifestyle impact disease. Do what you can today to positively impact your health and relationships so you do not regret the way you have lived.  I have seen several clients experience this when diagnosed with cancer. Their doctors made comments to them during and after treatment that the disease possibly occurred to give them a chance to rethink their lives and make different decisions. With them, the exact opposite happened… they actually had no regrets with their choices and would live the same way when given the chance all over again! I love that… so beautiful!



1. Spending too much time worrying

2. Caring too much about what others think

3. Not following your passion

4. Not showing real feelings to people you love

5. Not enough travel

6. Not taking risks

7. Too little quality time with loved ones

8. Not living fully in the present and enjoying amazing moments

9. Too much time spent on work

10. Not letting yourself be happier


What a beautiful gift to give yourself to make intentional choices each day that won’t lead to regret. Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, and choose honestly. Choose happiness. How can you realign your choices right now, today, to be aligned with having the least amount of regret? I’d love to hear more about it in a comment below…

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