Friends, I hope you have been enjoying these conversations we’ve been having about Mantras, Attitude and Perspective (M.A.P.s) as they pertain to the importance of being positive. I hope that they are enhancing your life as a catalyst for positive change. 

In coaching conversations I often ask, “On a scale from one to ten, how committed are you to this goal? Ten being ‘absolutely committed, it’s basically done’ to one being ‘I forgot the goal already.’” If the answer is seven or under, the client and I work together to adjust the goal so that their commitment level rises to at least an eight. It is only at that level of commitment that lasting change will take place.

Have you ever requested something from people, were told that they would handle it, and then discovered that they dropped the ball? You realized that they just said “yes” to get your off your back to avoid conflict, or because they didn’t want to admit their limitations. That’s what you do to yourself when you commit to a goal with a seven or less. You’re setting yourself up for defeat. Instead of setting yourself up, adjust our goal so you can experience a victory. Like most people, sometimes I have a hard time admitting to my limitations.

Can you relate?

I recently did this to myself. I offered to help a friend with a project, knowing my schedule was too tight… but I wanted to help. When it came down to the wire, other commitments (quite honestly) rated higher and I totally dropped the ball.

You may aspire to eat healthier each day, but your commitment to eat healthier right now is at a five for any number of reasons. The question to consider is, “What would I need to adjust in my goal to shift my commitment to an eight or nine?”

For example, suppose agreeing to bring your lunch to work three times a week verses five times a week changes your commitment level to a nine on your commitment scale. If you ate better four or five times that week, it will be a bonus. You’ll do your three times and experience a victory, making it more likely to maintain this new habit and soon be able to kick it up a notch or two!

We must know our limits but never stop trying to exceed them! Think about your current goals…. Are you making good progress with them? If not, try this exercise with them today and see how you can be propelled forward. I would love to hear about how this can work for you in a comment below…

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