In life coaching, we typically stay in the present as much as possible to avoid the anxiety and fear that can be associated with staying too much in the past or future. However, when looking at the importance of being positive and the perspective of time warps work, it is necessary that we look to the future a little bit in order to have a proper perspective on our current choices.

A simple trick to employ when trying to make a choice is to do a time warp.  No, I haven’t lost my mind totally (yet)… this really is a great strategy to help you make a hard choice in the moment.

Here’s how a time warp works: In that moment of any choice, you ask yourself questions to see if it really is worth the consequence of the choice. This is completely about measuring the prospective cost of the choice to you emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.


Here are a few examples:

“In ten minutes, when this strawberry cheesecake is gone (onto my thighs, no doubt), will it be worth it?”

“If I take on this work project, will it be worth it next month, for all I will have to do to make it happen?” (Admittedly, you often don’t have a clear answer. Answer to the best of your ability with the information you have at hand, consider past experiences and trust your gut. )

You’re lying in bed an hour after your regular bedtime reading a great book. Self-coach yourself by asking, “how will I feel tomorrow morning if I read one more chapter? Will it be worth it?”

“It will be a lot of work to...

get this degree.

write this book.

change careers.

 I’ll be five years older in five years. Will this be worthwhile then? “

Time warps can be a powerful perspective tool to use when making a choice toward change to help you make a decision you can feel good about. Have you used this strategy before when faced with a difficult choice? I'd love to hear your experience with time warps how and they have worked for you in a comment below…

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