No matter what your journey looks like right now, sweet friend, it will help you immensely to keep your joy through it if you can make it a priority to commit to choose to be persistent and patient with the process, while always reaching beyond your current comfort zone.

Most highly regarded people are lifelong learners. Remaining open-minded and willing to learn allows you to reach beyond your comfort zone. As you learn and strive to put into practice new insights, you take the risk of failing. Trying new things can feel uncomfortable or threatening. Some of your personal goals are probably tied to being willing to take a chance and try something new. Please, dear heart, risk falling down!

The best way to prepare yourself to take a risk is to develop strong supportive relationships with those who will encourage you, stand by you, and hold you up, if necessary. If you have not built a good, strong support network of people in your life, do that first. Then if you fall down, you’ll have others to help pick you up, dust you off, and get you moving forward once again!

I took a big risk earlier this year when I decided to start this website and completely re-design my coaching services. It was super scary and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to play out. As I made choices along the way, I always kept my goal in the front of my mind. I was strategic and intentional about who I shared my vision with not only to help hold me accountable but also to help lift me up when I felt discouraged. It really has made all the difference and has given me a new boldness to take even bigger risks as I continue to pursue my dreams… one choice at a time.

As you remind yourself to be patient and persistent with your journey, keep in mind that the goal is progress, not perfection. Pursuing perfection sets you up for disappointment. As you do the best you can day in and day out, one choice at a time, you can be proud of your effort. Pursue excellence and you can have peace of mind… pursue perfection and nothing will ever be good enough. Contentment is the natural result of doing things to the best of your ability and letting go of the outcome.

Progress Not Perfection


Keep in mind that being intentional about your goals to becoming healthier, more balanced, and more positive take time. The habits required to achieve these goals require practice, so please be patient with yourself. At the same time, its your responsibility and your opportunity to take care of your life one choice at a time… one HEALTHY choice at a time! Don’t try to change everything all at once, it will overwhelm you for sure. Instead, focus on taking small steps, making small choices that will take you towards your goals and help you to reap large rewards in the long run. Focus on making progress and you will reach and even surpass that goal in no time!

What risks have you taken as you have been in pursuit of your goals in the past year that make you feel alive, proactive or proud? I’d love to hear all about them in a comment below…

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