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Measuring the health and vitality of different facets of your life is an important step for enjoying an abundant life. Like pieces of a puzzle that fit together to form a picture, your life consists of pieces representing your finances, health, interpersonal relationships, faith, career, etc. Pulling out one piece at a time and examining your vitality, strength, and contentment in that area is important.

For instance, without a healthy relationship with yourself, you won’t allow yourself time to have fun, relax, set boundaries, or succeed. You need a healthy relationship with money, or financial pressures will sabotage your efforts to control your life. You need healthy relationships with your family and friends to provide you support, emotional energy, and joy as you juggle your busy life.

…and that is what I’d like to focus on with you today, sweet friend.

In different seasons of my life, I have been more successful than others at how I juggled all of my ongoing responsibilities to clients, kids, extended family and friends. How I ended up choosing what to do in the moment frequently boiled down to putting my relationships first, even though that is not always the easiest choice to make.

When my family was younger and all of our kids were still at home, taking the time to create memories that counted was a powerful motivator for me and yes, that meant that much was often left undone in other areas. On the other hand, I also now don’t have regrets about how I should have gone to the pool with the kids or I should have taken advantage of having my parents close by to spend more time with them.

Back then and to this day, when life and responsibilities press in on me, I always ask the question,
“What choice will lead me to the fewest possible regrets?”

Now, I understand that a more positive approach might be “What do I want to do?” or “What would be more fun?” However, my personality is way too intense and my style too results-orientated to go that route…. No, what has always motivated ME most often to shift gears is a preoccupation with creating positive memories with my loves because time just passes way too quickly not to... know what I mean?

It seems the older I get, the faster time goes. Does it feel the same way to you? If so, I wonder if you’re making different choices day-to-day because of that insight.

What would that look like for you to make balancing your relationships with your family and friends a priority in this season? Are you already on track or would it be worthwhile for you to make some goals for adjustments in this area in order to live these relationships in a more healthy and balanced way?

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Here are a few healthy attitudes to adopt and/or adapt to help you along the way to help you experience more joy in your relationships:

Enjoy today
Time goes by too quickly to spend all of it in the past (in ager, bitterness or regret) or the future (anxiety, worry and fear)

Create Memories
I can strive to create the kinds of memories that will reflect my heart’s desires. These are the heart memories that stay with you as you move onto new and different seasons of life. They are the fertilizer that makes the next season rich and plentiful.

Always showing Honor… acknowledge, accept and forgive.

Friends remind us how special we are. They provide hope and encouragement when we most need it. Take a moment to reevaluate, recommit, and/or release relationships in this area that are or are not for this season to keep you in a healthy balance.

I’d love to hear more about the health of your relationships in a comment below. What one step can you take today toward living out a healthier balance with your relationships?



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