I help driven and compassionate women create balanced, joy-filled, intentional lives that they love (…and that love them back).

Hey, you beautiful dreamer...

I see you. 

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: That this is just another about page from another one of those dime-a-dozen life coaches out there (but it’s not).

You’re probably expecting me to tell you that I know the secrets to success, how I’ll teach you how to get paid to exist, and have you well on your way to a happily balanced life of your dreams in 5 simple steps. Sorry. None of that’s going to happen here.

Because sugar-coating things for the sake of my own success is not how I roll AND because telling the truth is my jam.

AND HERE’S THE TRUTH, sweet friend:

Having a well-balanced life? ...It takes time.
(It took time to make it a hot mess, right? We have to unpack that…)

Bravely stepping into the life you really want for yourself? ...Yeah, that’s uncomfortable.

Taking bold risks towards that amazing life you’ve only up-until-now imagined for yourself?
...It’s hard, that’s why most people never get there.

ABOUT Your Coach Meg

My divine superpower is to rattle the cage of your
self-imposed comfort zone and encourage
the heck out of you along the way:

  • By asking the tough, sticky questions that you don't want to hear, let alone answer.
  • By calling you out — so, lo & behold, you actually wake up and make lasting change.
  • By letting the appropriate answer be NO,
    even when every one around you wants to hear YES.

(See how this works? It’s my job to make you
as uncomfortable as possible for the sake of the transformation that is waiting for you!)


Here's what I know about you:

  • You have a dream and want someone to help you live your vision.
  • You're a deep thinker and feeler and love to learn and dive deep in all you do. 
  • You are looking for change and are willing to be transformed.
  • You recognize that the time for change in NOW…and you're tired of waiting for it to be your turn.  
  • You’re (Capital-D) Done watching and helping everyone else chase their dreams to live their best life and are ready to get yourself in the race.

Guess what, friend? Your turn can be now. If you let it.

It’s not about kicking fear in the face. It’s about taking a deep breath, saying "so what," and getting going... even if your hand shakes or your breath catches as you take that very first step towards what you want for yourself and how you interact with every life you touch. 

And even more truth?

Dreams do come true…. but only when you make them a priority.

(Ready? Let's go.)

Still not convinced?

Here’s my share-it-with-your-parents / bff / honey story…

Your Coach Meg

I have been professionally helping amazing women just like you live the party of their lives as a Certified Life Coach since 2011. With degrees in English and Women’s Studies from California State University, Fullerton and a CCLC certification from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy combined with over two decades of experience with intense mentoring, teaching, leading and guiding women through being their best self. I bring an abundant array of academic, professional, spiritual and personal experiences to my work with driven and compassionate women.
In addition to my work in the coaching world, I am also an accomplished speaker—available for conferences, groups and events to educate, entertain, and embolden women in a variety of settings. The rest of my professional background includes being in high-end retail management for over 10 years, a personal assistant to a musician for 5 years, an office manager for a church, and I successfully raised five kids to adulthood as a step-mom turned adoptive mom to all five kids from my husband’s previous marriage (hardest job of my life!).  I totally get crazy family dynamics and navigating tough relationship issues.  I’ve done it all and lived to coach you through it!

You see? *wink

I can’t wait to connect with you, hear your heart, and help you be your best.

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